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One morning I checked my bank account and it had multiple charges, it did not say where or whom made the transaction. So I disputed the charges.

After investigations from my bank they found out that it was PlayStation who did the multiple charges, I had tried to in contact with PlayStation. And yea my account was suspended. Now Im trying to lift the suspension from our account since we cannot play any of the games related to that account to a new account. Finally figured out how to get a hold of them, thanx for help from a friend.

I finally got a hold of them, None of them tried to help me they keep insisting that, to lift the suspension I have to pay the charges that was disputed from my bank. I keep telling them that I am not paying for something that I did not do. I ask for a manager maybe they could help me better but they would just hang up on us instead. After this experience it just makes me rethink about moving to another console.

If any of the higher ups from PlayStation read this could you please help me? I just want our account back without me paying the charges.

User's recommendation: Don’t purchase anything online.

Preferred solution: My account from suspension .

Playstation Pros: Love it.

Playstation Cons: No chance to defend against suspensions.

Location: Portland, Oregon

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You purchased the items then you thought you could just dispute the charges. Win win right?

Wrong, disputing valid charges on psn results in a ban. Enjoy your judgment that you could've known about had you read your TOS.

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