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Long story short, my ps4 got hacked where it would give me false error messages stating that the console was too hot and would turn off every 5 min or so after turning it on. However, the amount of time it would stay on would vary, sometimes significantly, ranging from being on only a couple minutes to as long as thirty minutes or more.

Now, if the problem was truly it overheating, then the amount of time from when it would be turned on to when the overheating occurred should not have varied so much and have been a fixed time span from the moment it was turned on. Furthermore, what leads me to believe it was hacked and not truly overheating, was the timing of when it would say so would be coincidentally, most of the time, right when I would get a lead in the game; oddly enough, it didnt matter which game it was which is why it seemed as if there was some intelligent being behind it and not some random occurrence. This would happen on my fifa, tekken, nba 2k playgrounds, and mortal kombat all the same and in the same manner. For this to occur so precisely is beyond coincidence, even if it were to have only occurred once on each game, but like I mentioned earlier, it happened on multiple instances, not just once, and not just in one game.

Plus, any time I tried to play 3 on 3 freestyle, it would happen almost instantly from the moment I got into the game so I feel as if it were a disgruntled player from that game if I had to bet on it. I know that that game has a lot of players playing it that are knowledgeable in booting players from the game as I can easily say this happened to me a extremely high amount of times: Im talking well over 50 times and mainly those occurred during tanked mode games, towards the end, when my team was winning and the game was about to end so as to not give me credit for those ranked wins. Back to the topic at hand, another indicator I have that leads me to not buy the whole overheating reason is that I have had my PlayStation on for long periods of time multiple times in the last couple years where it truly was extremely hot and that never occurred. When it was happening this time around with the error messages it was happening even after it had been off for several hours straight and it was just being turned on for the first time; if you felt the console, it was easily 100 times LESS warm compared to those times mentioned in the past.

In fact, it wasnt even hot at all to be quite honest. Someone was definitely messing with me and trying to get me to stop playing altogether and figured that I would eventually give up and stop trying after several failed attempts. Well, unfortunately for them, I dont give up that easily, if rarely ever, and so I continued to try it over and over and even cleaned every nook and cranny inside and out of that thing to make sure it wasnt truly experiencing internal hardware problems: it barely had any dirt in it whatsoever especially when comparing it to the YouTube videos I saw that helped guide me along with this part. Every time I restarted the ps4, as you can imagine, Id get the error message for not having it shut down properly so it was getting more and more messed up every time till eventually it exploded the last time I tried to turn it on.

To say Im very upset is a major understatement: i lost not only 2+ years of time and progress, which is honestly more like 4 years to the average person with the amount of time I was putting in, but also money in the games themselves and the in-app purchases that went with them, along with my yearly subscription to ps plus. I appreciate you reaching out to me to find out what had happened because I was too upset to reach out myself with the concern that I might go overboard with whoever I spoke with if they didnt do anything to help with any kind of compensation or retribution for it. I apologize for making it so long (especially when I started off by saying long story short haha but this is as few of words as I could come up with. Crazy as it may sound, I couldve made this a lot longer).

I hope to hear back from someone soon in regards to this matterespecially after having taken my time to write all this out.

Thanks and have a good one. -Axel

Product or Service Mentioned: Playstation Video Game Console.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Playstation Pros: Fun to play.

Playstation Cons: Customer service is terrible to nonexistent.

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