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On September 18th at 6:40am, I received an email stating my PSN account was suspended for 60 days due to a breach in the Code of Conduct. After receiving this suspension, I looked into all 22 community codes of conducts and the terms of service.

When reviewing the terms and code of conduct, the only possible one would be 5.2, stating to not harm, bully, harass, troll or stalk anyone, or encourage anyone to do so.

The reported message does none of the following. The message sent was due to an issue that occurred in the game I was playing against the other player (Dead by Daylight) after the individual was trolling. Although the word that I used was not the best, I dont believe it should be means to receive a 60-day suspension. I dont have a screenshot of the messages and dont have access to reading the message due to the suspension, but it was to the effect of dont be an *** for no reason.

I did not start calling the individual inappropriate or crude names. All I did was advise to not be act in the manner in which he did. I realize now I shouldve filtered the words I used. In past suspensions, Ive taken them and although I wasnt happy with them, I understand the reasoning.

But with this one, I believe I shouldnt receive such a suspension.

I am trying to see if I could lessen the suspension or pay a fine to lift the suspension. I would prefer to pay a fine due to my situation. I currently work 1 full-time job and 1 part-time job, working 7 days a week.

I am also in school full-time student and have 2 kids. Most of my day is consumed with work, school and family life, so, when I do have the time during the day to sit back and unwind, I play the online multiplayer game Dead by Daylight.

Location: New Port Richey, Florida

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