I was going over my finances and while looking through my transactions I found that I was double charged my monthly psn fee 2 separate times by Sony. I was only able to dispute one of the duplicate charges as the other one was too far back.

Then Sony suspended my account saying I owed them money. I reached out and explained the situation that I was charged twice and they urged me to talk to them next time about any erroneous charges and reactivated my account, immediately charging the monthly fee from my bank again even though I didnt owe them. THEN, not even a week later, they suspended my account again for non payment. Still withholding the monthly fee that they had JUST charged.

I reached out AGAIN and was told I had to buy a playstation store gift card to reactivate my psn. I have my network back up again. However, if they double charge me again after all the crap they just put me through because THEY messed up and charged me twice, I will be dropping Sony altogether. No joke.

Also its *** that I cant even watch movies or play games that I PAID FOR when my network is down.

I wont be buying ANYTHING digital from Sony again. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

User's recommendation: Pay attention to your monthly fees from sony.

Location: Auburn, Washington

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