I transferred content wirelessly from PS4 to PS5. My children wanted to play Minecraft and the PS5 won't allow it.

PlayStation tells me on their end they can't find my purchase of game even though on the PS5 under my purchase history I found the purchase with a description including confirmation number, date, name of game and my e-mail under account. I offer to send a picture of the transaction on play station and a picture of my bank statement which they responded it doesn't matter. I can't send them anything and if their end doesn't show record of purchase then they will not do anything.

I later figured out on my own the transfer between systems stopped for some reason, and they never finished the transfer which is why they PS5 would give me the option to delete and reinstall. I have been buying PlayStation systems since the original, and I'm very disappointed they refused to help me over a $20 game and hanging up on me when I requested to speak to a supervisor.

User's recommendation: prepare to wait over an hour for every call.

Location: Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

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