Throughout the month of September on a practically weekly basis, my PS3 would show in error message when I access my Ryan online account and say that An error had occurred with the two step verification and then either the password or email address was incorrect. I would update my password and it would look like it was back to normal but then about a week later the same error message would happen again.

In addition to, presumably, accessing the PlayStation store, I would not be able to watch Amazon prime on my PS3 but it would still allow me to watch Netflix. It did not have this problem at all with my previous address and only really started at the tail end of August. It cant be the new Wi-Fi arrangements because I moved in at the start of May so I know it cant be that.

I very much want a more permanent solution to this! Whether I have to do some more finagling with the PS3 or download some thing I would like for this issue to be definitively resolved .

Location: Grovetown, Georgia

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