My account is suspended and I don't know why because I didn't do or say anything hateful racist or anything in that caliber all I did was call someone a ball hog told him he didn't know me why is he writing me the things he was saying were spoken from a true ball hog that must can't play the sport in real life I'm a team player the game was nba2k22 he said he would score 21 pts on me by himself I offered a 1v1 game he refused and then he said he's ignoring me and I said I don't know you so why did he say anything to me in the first place nothin hateful nothin racist nothin sexual or anything like that just saying words I hear everyday from other ppl on different teams talking to other ppl like pass the ball if you're missing more than half your shots and your still not passing the ball to get the win

User's recommendation: Don't tell someone their a ball hog you might get your account suspended.

Location: Hamilton, Ohio

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