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Look I've loved playstation Sense it's beginning I really liked using gameshark you know God mode all keys infinite ammo and that was fun and cool and I loved the story the games would tell a story and have good sound try getting that on a 64. So well I miss using game shark on games so I thought I'd use akaides ps3 cheats divice and got my ps3 modded and I only played offline I just wanted to move my games from my non modded ps3 to my modded ps3 so I used a modded ps3 to move my games on so I could use akaides cheats and I got banned from psn and lost my account got banned and it was connected to my ps4 account so your bots banned me I lost my trophies my games that I had to buy again and I got a credit card just to pay for the games it's around 10k now a 10k spending user is wanting a appeal 4 his account and I think I will spend 10k on microsofts products from now on I mean they got bethesda and sony lost it that means no morrowind or fallout. And they have some mode to disable acchevements what is it called editor mode?and you can do cool stuff like edit games CHEAT you know have fun without getting banned they just disable trophies or achievements and let people have fun.i mean sony could sell "cheat packs" in where the game has a cheat mode sell a cheat for $10 at a time sony could make some real money on that or what about editor mode I mean we pay for a computer we should get computer perks and performance and I'm sorry to say I'm buying a Xbox unless you can sell me on playstation so tell me what's great about your ps5 sell me ok a senseing controller and you lost bethsaida and sense I lost my trophies and games because I wanted to make games fun again ok what's the pitch and I hate online gaming it's a joke but some people make it there life's but I wasn't cheat ing on online games so unless you can sell me on ps5 I'm going to xbox and I can send you a bill of all the games hardware I've spent on sony ps4 comes to around 16k I mean I maxed out credit cards just live in my world and play in can you tell me why I should be loyal any more?

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Playstation Pros: Indy games, I been playing since i was born.

Playstation Cons: No editor mode no bethesda, Customer service phone number is down, Not consumer focused, Customer service sucks, No bethesda no cheat mode.

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