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April 2021

On the Playstation connected to the internet I purchased the $26.74 3 month subscription for Playstation Plus. Everything went well and I liked it.

June 2021

Mid-month I decided to go for the yearly subscription to Playstation Plus since my finances was a little better than they were back in April. I signed onto my account and went into the purchasing area. I cancelled the 3 month subscription and put the year subscription in my cart for the beginning of July when I'd get my disability.

July 2021

I checked my status for Playstation Plus and saw that they took the $26.74 from me even though I cancelled, but I purchased the yearly anyway thinking that I'll sort this out. I called them and they was very rude and told me that "You can't cancel" to anything I said...

I cancelled weeks ago "You can't cancel"

I wanted to switch to the yearly subscription "You can't cancel" and etc as a couple of examples.

I called my bank for help in this matter and was told to let the $26.74 post and then we can dispute it. I waited days maybe a week and it posted so we put the dispute through. After it was finished and they got the notification of my transaction they blocked me and I couldn't sign onto my account. I called them again and tried to explain what was going on here on my end, again they was very rude and this time their notable quote was, a very whinny "But you went to your bank"...

I still purchased the yearly subscription wanting to switch from the 3 month.

"But you went to your bank"

I cancelled weeks before my time was up so that I could switch "No, you cancelled the day of it posting and you went to your bank"

I still want to have my yearly subscription "But you went to your bank"

I called my bank back and explained again so we pulled my $64.19 for the yearly subscription seeing that I was blocked from Playstation all together at this point.

No matter what I do now, they have my phone # and other info... If I call they hang up, if I try to do the chat help I have to pay $1, if I try to get a ticket started it says something like "Operation not recognized"

User's recommendation: At this point I don't know what to say... Maybe RUN would be good advise ??

Preferred solution: #1 An Apology #2 Restore Account Access #3 Let me purchase the yearly subscription. .

Playstation Cons: Getting banned, Money, No matter what game there is an error.

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