So I forgot my PlayStation password to my online account to play online. Couldn't access my email to get it reset because Google locked me out for no reason, which is another bad experience I had without any explanation at all for it.

Anyway, PlayStation asked me a billion different stupid questions to verify my identity.. Every stupid thing under the sun, also gave them my PS4 model and serial everything but gave blood, and they still said- I'm sorry to say, but you did not give us enough info for us to verify that you are you, you will have to call back another day and try again.

I mean really people?? Their tech support needs a tech to fix their tech support..still locked out and cant play online with my friends on my 600 dollar ps4 that it now just a paperweightbad form on PlayStation network.

User's recommendation: Write your password down and don’t give.

Location: Santa Maria, California

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