After a 2 and half hour phone call the 1st time,3 weeks this week, claiming to update the email for my sons account, which in the next weeks call it was NOT updated, and saying someone would be contacting us back regarding our issue, my son has Little Big Planet 3 on the PS3 and PS4 (not all on the PS4 because he actually doesn't like playing 3 at all but after the sudden removal of all 3 LBP's servers on PS3 no choice) and he was able to transfer everything but 3 of DLC the: Monsters Kit, History Kit, Metal Gear Solid Pack, phone calls, online support disconnects you, stating you are not in the US but are, made a twitter to try there, today the lady never understood the game name, had to repeat literally more than 10 times, asked for supervisor, the lady speaking stated she needed info first, all shed gotten already, she didn't understand the DLC's were not added into that game thinking they were all a separate game. After feeling frustrated beyond end, we ended purchasing them again.

I can say that this was not what I was told over and over, highly unprofessional today stating you must reach out to publisher, tho I did that as well, on 19th this month off Sept. With no reply at all from there either. This is wrong, they should have been able to fix, I have screenshots showing how he had it on PS3 but was only available for purchase on the PS4, the lady tried saying not transferable, but even my screenshots captured that they are. I can tell you that I definitely would rather play no games than deal with or give money to Sony Playstation if this is how they treat their customers.

If you are working for a company, please be sure you at least know at least something of the product you are in tech support for, or account support for. Someone working for Playstation and not knowing the difference in a game, add-ons.

DLC is beyond ridiculous. D are transf that's

User's recommendation: I have no idea, just the time I've spent was mind numbing, I'm sorry but it was. We ended up just re-purchasing to avoid any more stress from dealing with the people at Playstation " Support". They never had a problem sending the new purchase receipt to the updated email today, funny they never could contact as promised.

Location: Bentonville, Arkansas

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