I tried the live chat to resolve my issue, waiting my turn through the 390 people ahead of me. When I was able to speak with an agent on chat they didnt respond to me for over an hour so I ended the chat and called phone support.

Phone agent I spoke with was in obvious bad mood and seemed like a chore that he needed to help me with a refund request.

Long story short I accidentally purchased a game twice, he then told me that because I played the game already I couldnt return it. ( I played the version I already owned). He didnt care and just kept saying I played it therefore Im not eligible for a refund. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was placed on a brief hold, where he told me that his supervisor said no.

I told him I wanted to speak with the supervisor, which I was never connected to. Im the middle of me explaining my situation in a different way so that he may understand it better he cut me off saying his supervisor approved the refund.

Obviously I cant prove it but I dont think a supervisor was ever consulted and was being given the run around just to see if I was passive enough to just eat the cost of the game again. I was asked to stay on the line while the refund was being processed, which I did and the call ended with no follow up.

I then got an email 30 seconds later stating my refund has been approved.

Extremely poor customer service, very unprofessional agent, and very obvious the agents are coached to deny any and all refunds up to a certain point. This is my first time in 16 years I have asked for a refund on a game and when I did I took me close to 2.5 hours to complete and being met with next to no help.

I love PlayStation but if my experience is any indication on how you treat your customers I suggest you look into how you can improve on that side of your business, I will now cringe whenever I need to call for support

User's recommendation: Prepare to wait forever to have an issue resolved, and to have to argue with them even if you have a clear cut case.

Location: Barrie, Ontario

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