I've always kept my stuff right as far as accounts and info, but my phone broke one day and I couldn't recover nothing from it not even my email. Google's retarded *** expected me to get into my email to verify it and put it on my new phone, well I can't get into my old broke phone to do that..therefor the email is useless.

My psn account has been resting on a eggshell, and then playstation all a sudden decides to nail me with some *** They wanted me to take a pic of a code on the screen and reset my password, which I can't do because I can't access my email. Now, I'm locked out my account after trying to remember my password as a last resort, and all my good ole games and their memory aren't accessible. I tried contacting playstation support and as always they throw online assistants and a bunch of garbage in my face and leave no sign or hope of talking to a actual human being to fix all this.

I'm quite annoyed, it seems playstation can't just leave people alone and quit pestering them with random *** I mean now I'm really screwed on my account. It's been quite inconvenient having a playstation, always have trouble with accounts, having to do a bunch of security *** before logging in every time.

User's recommendation: Get a Xbox, playstation has really let themselves go.

Location: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

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