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i just logged into my ps4 like last week and it said i had gotten permanently suspended and i dont know why but please give me my account back i done waisted to much money on that account its actually gon be a waist if i dont get my account back and i didnt do any wrong? so idk why yall banned it i swear it gets me pissed off that i tried calling someone from customer service and it kept asking for the support id and i gave it to whoever was talking and they really hung up on me like wtf?

yall needa fix this bro cuz i need my account back and idk why the *** it says that i owe yall money like bro ? it was prolly my dad who cancelled the ps4 + and wanted his money back but that dont got nun to do with my account why yall even ban it for ? knowing damn well i waisted money on it like how would yall feel huh and the worst part is that i had given up trying to get my account back cause yalls customer service dont work at ALL like can yall not contact me with a real person instead of putting me to talk with a robot or whatever it is .

i tried making a new account and had put my fortnite account because i waisted money on that too and it didnt let me it said some bout i had to unlink my other ps4 account on the fortnite so i can use fortnite on that account like bro? and how CAN I EVEN UNLINK IT if yall cant even let me get my account back bro is it really that hard.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Preferred solution: get my account back because it’s permanently suspended or banned .

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