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I have called my bank and they said that theres no restrictions on my bank card for PlayStation my son is authorized to use the debit card for future buying of games however I had to change my debit card because I lost the other one and it was replaced and my son used to make the payment for the PlayStation and he still banned when I gave them authorization to be able to buy future games. If you have any further questions please give me a call at 832-716-****.

I cant see not understand why he is banned from PlayStation4 to be able to play Id like the exact reason emailed because its a new card is not sufficient enough to me if its a new cards because my card was lost and I had to replace it to be able to pay the rest of my bills and if your system on your side is not able to receive a new updated card do you for that reason then you guys need to update and be able to generate an order to process because things to happen in life that you sometimes have to replace a debit card when the card has been lost or stolen from different individuals Im sure Im not the only person in the world this occurs too.

I hope that you guys can update and except and takeoff the Ban in order for him to continue playing. Thank you in advance and I hope this can be resolved thank you very much.

Gracie A Vargas(Parent of Ismar Dominguez-minor)

(832) 716-****


User's recommendation: You guys need to add extra space in order to add new debit card information because people sometimes have to replace their old debit card that’s been missed placed or stolen in order to update to be able to generate new and updated information to add to the account instead of banning a person due to that reason.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Playstation Pros: Having fun and chilling, Easy to use and comfortable, I only had my playstation for 3 years.

Location: Houston, Texas

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