Your customer support is very, very poor you cannot talk to a live person by phone or online chat I had an issue with my daughter's account, it had been band due to a backpay. When I realized the reason why I spent an entire Saturday trying to fix the issue that probably would've been taken care being able to talk to a live person.

with this being playstation for the amount of money i've spent over the years with your company and how much your company is worth you would think you would have better service and support. I would like to add that during this I was talking to some of my online gamers that are XBox owners that have told me they don't have this issue with thier support, I have owned playstations from ps1 to ps4 and have no interest in buying a ps5 becuase your support sucks and dont want to pay all that money for a new console with *** service

Location: Dover, Delaware

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