I had bought $350 worth of PSN cards for my sons 13th birthday. He redeemed a little at a time and purchased items from the NBA2K 22 store.

After a couple of weeks later he redeemed the rest of his PSN cards, and went on what he thought was the NBA2K 22 store. He purchased 200,000 VC and never got it. After a couple of days of waiting, I called PS and they had a high call volume. So, I decided to try their online support.

I thought Id just get some chat support bot. I began waiting as the 353rd person in line. One thing you dont do is refresh you browser which I didnt do. It took about 30-45 minutes to finally be able to get someone.

Too my surprise it was an actual person on the other end. I told him what had happened and even gave him the confirmation number in which he replied back saying he saw that the purchase was made, but it wasnt for NBA2K 22 VC for 200,000. It was actually NBA2K 21 that it was purchased on. In which I told him that I dont own NBA2K 21.

So, he asked me how would I like to resolve the issue? By refund to wallet or bank account. Knowing that he clarified the problem I asked for it to he refunded back to the wallet. Told him thank you and I appreciated his help.

Then I told my son what he had done and he didnt understand how he ended up buying VC for a game he doesnt have. So, I had him carefully go onto the game, and then the store for NBA2K 22. He then proceeded to click on the VC that was for $49.99. By the way, before the help, he had a balance of $100.02.

After it was a balance of $150.02. I put in the passcode to complete the purchase and it went to his account Thank God. I had this problem once before when my son was 6. I was dumb and forgot to take my credit card info off or at least put a passcode on it.

My son racked up over $300 in Loot Boxes for Overwatch Origins. I only knew because he came to me saying he had gotten free Loot Boxes. It was hard for me to believe he got free loot boxes. So, I check the balance of my actual bank account and saw that over $300 was spent on PlayStation.

I called support a little mad then because of what my son did and also because I was stupid and didnt take my credit card info out. I told them what happened and they apologized and said they could understand. Thats when they said they would refund me. So, I was thankful and hung up.

Waited 30 minutes and checked my bank account. Nothing. Thats when my son showed me that they refunded it back to the wallet which I didnt want. I called back and they said it was policy that it only refunds back to the wallet.

A little upset about that I told my son to just buy loot boxes again with what he has in the wallet.

I told him that this was an early Christmas present since it was later November early December when this happened. lol

Location: Wappingers Falls, New York

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