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I paid a yearly subscription and none of anything I paid for works. I called the HR line to get a message that says," You called outside of normal business hours."

How, when you accept payment anytime?!

It can be 3:00a.m. and you still accept payment for anything but if something is wrong you're shut down for the night? PlayStation needs to stop being cheap and open a 24-hour-resolution-center. Whether it's American based, Asian based or wherever based.

There's no reason for a customer to pay you $69.99 and you don't even have a human resources office that can answer questions any time of any given day.

I work at night, of which most offices are closed and thus there is no one to speak with.

I didn't give you my money to be hassled and led astray. I expect results.

And the result I expect to happen is the fixture or explanation of to why I subscribed to a year's agreement and still can't log-on online.

Thank you

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