My son is 8 years old, he logged into his PlayStation last night. He entered the wrong password a few times but eventually remembered it and was able to log in, once he logged in he went to his settings and pressed something he didnt mean to.

Hes not sure what it was he accidentally clicked on. His whole account wiped out, this morning we finally got him signed back in but once we did it gave us an error message saying he was temporarily suspended till 7-19, 7 days. He didnt do anything wrong to validate this. Please have someone contact me to get this resolved.

If he would have got the suspension for doing wrong I wouldnt be emailing.

Ive looked over his game history, he hasnt done what he is accused of, I know thats probably said every time but look back at his account u can see yourself. Email, text, call whatever u chose is fine just please someone help me fix this.

Location: Jamestown, Tennessee

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